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Corporate Identity Development

Your logo is a symbolic representation of your company.

Studio Valley™ The partner you can count on.

A memorable and unique corporate logo is an essential tool for branding your business and setting your company apart from its competitors.

Logo design, creation, and development is our first step in visually defining and designing your brand identity. This results in a graphical representation of your company's philosophy, mission and vision for the future.

Studio Valley's process of research, analysis and creative development ensures that your logo relates to your target audience, supports product and service positioning and remains aligned with company goals.

Our method of logo creation is a combination of developing a logo mark, logo type and tag line, forming an identity which is proprietary and distinctive. In some cases a type face may be modified to create an entirely unique appearance and experience unique to your company.

Studio Valley's logo design, creation, and development service assists your company in projecting a positive, professional and consistent impression anytime, every time.

We love the challenge of discovering, developing, and implementing an image that becomes the visual representation of an entire organization.

View our logo design process and see how we can create a unique and effective identity for you.